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Income Tax Planning


At Watch Point, we offer tax planning solutions that work with our clients’ financial objectives. After a thorough review of each client’s income and investment structure, we create a plan that balances growth objectives with the appropriate tax minimization strategies.

Our strategies include:

  • Interest expense characterization
  • Capital gains/dividends planning
  • Charitable giving
  • Tax shelters/tax free investments
  • Alternative Minimum Tax reduction or avoidance
  • Deferral or acceleration of income or deductions
  • Planning for purchase or sale transactions
  • Deferred compensation
  • Formation of trusts, family partnerships, or other legal entities

We start with a review of income projections and anticipate deductions to determine the appropriate level of withholding and cash needed in the future. We then develop tax payment schedules that maximize the time value of money in addition to cash flow. By analyzing tax rates in sequential years, we are also able to determine whether it makes sense to defer or accelerate income or expenses in order to achieve the maximum tax benefit. In addition to tax planning, Watch Point also manages our clients’ tax needs on an ongoing basis, keeping detailed tax records for important real estate and marketable security assets.


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