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Education Planning


With the rising cost of education at secondary schools, colleges, and universities, it is important to get a head start on planning so that educational financing needs are met. Our Watch Point advisors have years of experience helping families estimate and plan for future educational expenses. We can help project education costs and arrive at the funding plan that works best for our clients within the framework of their financial goals.

Our educational planning services consist of an analysis of the funding options and alternatives available, including:

  • UTMA accounts
  • § 2503(c) trusts
  • § 529 investment plans
  • Direct payments to the educational institution
  • Scholarships and awards
  • Advantageous tuition plans and tax credit vehicles
  • Investment products that complement the overall financial strategy

As with all of our services, we continually monitor our clients’ plans and portfolios, making adjustments where necessary, to ensure that they are meeting or exceeding expectations.


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